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TBA @ 7pm at the Red Cross in Winston Salem, NC.
Email me if you need directions

Greetings fellow project folks, Please plan on joining us for some sharing of ideas.

Meetings on the Third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm on ZOOM

Arduino and ESP32 users, PLEASE NOTE:
If you use the Arduino IDE, a problem with a board package had an error which prevents the IDE from starting. When you try to start the IDE, it shows a splash screen for a few seconds then goes away without a clue.
From github, the following,
“Due to a server-side issue yesterday (June 10th), the Arduino IDE failed to start due to downloading corrupt board files. The server-side issue has since been fixed, but if you ran into this problem, some manual action is required to make the IDE start again.”
For the fix, see

For anyone wishing to use the links on the OLD site, please click OLD SITE

Please use the following links to find some helpful project info!

The Project List

General Links

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League of Mad Scientists

Meeting Info Links

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Magnetism Links

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Digital Links

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Micro Computers

IoT Links

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QRP-Kits Links

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Building Methods

Printed Circuit Boards Links

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Time Out

Fun Links

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Building Methods

3D Printing Links

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